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5th wheel and travel trailer transport and delivery, Costa Blanca, Spain

The last few weeks have been a little interesting if not a tad problematic. There have been a few pitch changes for several 5th wheels and American travel trailers at Marjal. The problem being, when they were initially sited, the site had a lot more space. Now it is quite full, so there was much less room to get the things off their pitches. This should, of course, have been taken into consideration when they were initially sited!

The biggest problem is they can only be moved with the truck and have no jockey wheel, so manoeuvring them in tight situations is very difficult, especially as they tip the scales between 3 and 7 tonnes. The sheer size of them also makes things interesting, considering the truck is 20' long and 8' wide. Fortunately, we can rise to a challenge

We get some interesting and, needless to say, challenging 5th wheel and travel trailer transport and delivery work. A memorable one was a 35ft travel trailer that had to be reversed across three pitches and three sets of trees to get it in position with about an inch to spare at each side!

Of the recent ones, a travel trailer that the owners had imported from the States. The owners wanted it nose in on the pitch. There was of course, not enough room to drive it in and get the truck out, so we had to be creative. Luckily, it was a trailer and not a 5th wheel so with the aid of a large trolley jack, several boards and a fork lift truck we we able, eventually, to get it in position. I hope they don't want to get it out in a hurry.

Travel trailer transport and delivery, UK - Spain - Europe

A couple of weeks ago there was a 33ft Durango American travel trailer that need transporting to a new home with complete pitch installation, hook up, water, drains etc.

5th fifth wheel transport and deliver UK - Spain - Europe

Next came a 29' Laredo fifth wheel that we sold. Again, the new owners wanted it siting on their new pitch hitch first but fortunately this time it was possible to drive it straight in, the only problem was 50 shunts to get the truck out.

The next challenge was a 33ft travel trailer that had been put on it's pitch through two trees with a space between them, barely wider than the trailer. The install even used the pitch opposite and the adjacent road to achieve this. Now, the pitch opposite was occupied for 3 months.... With some creative manoeuvring and head scratching, it eventually came out and went onto it's new pitch.

European 5th wheel delivery

Some jobs are easier, like the couple who wanted to move their 28' Terry 5th wheel off the pitch and into storage, to be sold. Simple hook up and pull off. It subsequently sold and once again, the new owners wanted it hitch first on their new pitch (I always get them). Not too bad though, only 20 shunts to get the truck out, this time.

Another 5th wheel 'delivery' was a fairly straightforward pitch relocation. Aside from two awkward trees to get round on the initial pitch, a nice easy trip round the site and straight onto their new large pitch with access at both ends. Drive on, drop the legs, unhitch the truck and drive off. Lovely.

The latest was a Hobby caravan transport job. Well a pitch dismantle and then rebuild on it's new site. Nice and easy, clear the pitch, drop the awning, push back, spin it round, hook it up, tow it to it's new home and reverse the caravan straight onto the pitch, drop the legs etc.....

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