Friday, 17 October 2014

2012 Cougar 5th wheel delivered

We were asked to deliver another 5th wheel to a Costa Blanca campsite. This one was a new 2012 Cougar.

The access to the pitch it was going on was very tight and we had to do a lap of the site, against the one way system (which was also very tight), to get the approach entrance needed. It's a good job not all the corner pitches were occupied as we had to use a portion of them to negotiate the turns. The Cougar measures up at 9.5 metres in length. If it had been any longer, it really would have been a struggle. As always, the job was done and it's now sat happily on it's new pitch, which will be 'home' for quite some time.

5th wheel transport and delivery, UK, France, Spain, Portugal
Refuelling stop

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