Thursday, 21 May 2015

Nesting birds in 5th wheel pin boxes

I know it's probably a little bit late but the birds are nesting. Please check your slides (with blinds) before you bring them in and your 5th wheel pin boxes as there are currently nests with feeding young in the security of the hitches.
Better still, for future reference, in Spring, if you have slides with blinds, try and block off the ends so the birds can't nest in there, this applies also to pin boxes. Store your cables in the pin box and then stuff the opening with something (plastic bags, old clothes etc).

I sited a 5th wheel the other day, and when one of the slides came out, there was a bird's nest on top of it, complete with eggs... It was there when the slide went in. Additionally, I have moved trailers in the past and pulled the cables out of the pin box, only to pull out a live nest as well. Not intentionally, you don't always know they are there. Not good....
Thank you

The best pic I could get, without disturbing them

A distant picture but you can see 'Dad' on the cable. He flew off if I got any closer

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