Thursday, 1 October 2015

Travel trailer site move in Spain

Another move... this time a travel trailer that had been sold and the new owner wanted it taking from Camping Cabopino in Marbella to camping La Bella vista in Manilva.
Not a bad job, only 4 flat tyres to contend with. The MM 'chinese' air compressor lasted a tyre and a bit before turning to smoke. Fortunately a chap on the site kindly donated a booster pack / compressor. Time to dig the small proper compressor out of the garage. More weight to carry.....
The back of the truck was loaded up with a tonne plus of edging stones for the 'patio' area and off we went. Fortunately the F350 has a payload of around 2 tonnes in addition to the large amount of tools we carry around.
A note about La Bella Vista, although it appears in the big pitch guide, it really isn't suitable for larger RVs. The manager kindly let us reverse through a hedge to get the trailer in place but subsequently realised that the site is unsuitable (we have moved a 5th wheel off here before with similar problems) and will no longer be accepting larger RVs.

Travel trailer and 5th wheel campsite moves in Spain
Travel trailer moved from Cabopino to La Bella Vista

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