Saturday, 5 December 2015

Monster Moovers equipment carried

I was sorting the truck out today and it's surprising the amount of stuff we need to carry to be able to tow 5th wheels, American travel trailers, caravans, boats and normal trailers. We have used it all, more than once and needless to say have never failed on a job, no matter how difficult or problematic.....

Not an exhaustive list but in the image below:

Spare fuel
An assortment of general tools (pliers, grips, cutters, hammer, adjustable spanner, hex keys etc)
Axle Stands
Ground mat
Long vehicle marker boards
Kettle and stove
Gooseneck adapter
A selection of leg winders
Cable ties
Spray lubricants
US and European towballs
Lead light
Spot light
Various US and European suzies
First aid kit
An assortment of breakaway cables
Combination and ratchet spanner sets
Spare cigarette papers and lighters
4 tonne bottle jack
Case opener
Breaker bar
Torque wrench
Socket sets (1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive, metric and imperial)
Torx bits
Warning triangles
Tape measure
Torch and batteries
Spare fuses
Electrical connectors and crimpers
Screwdriver set
Lump hammer
Diagnostic multimeter
Bungee cords
Trailer board with 10m cable
Hi vis jackets (winter and summer)
Ratchet straps
Towing strap
Jump leads

There is more.........  Oil, coolant, spare truck parts, the list goes on...

Equipment needed for trailer and 5th wheel towing

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