Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cheap UK / Spain caravan towing and delivery service

Some advice. We get contacted by many people wanting their caravans bringing over to Spain. We quote them accordingly. 90% of the jobs, we don't get and they end up being brought out by some man and van operation. Let's just point out first, that there are some very good, reliable 'man and van' operators but many are quite the opposite. There are other horror stories on our website but this one occurred last week.
We were asked to quote to bring a caravan out and then the owners wanted to leave it on our storage, as many do, then enjoy holidays here and get us to move it to and from the campsite for them, as and when required. This particular storage was booked and cheap as chips 'man and van' transport arranged, as our quote was too expensive. All of a sudden, our storage was cancelled, the client saying they had changed their minds and weren't coming... A week later, I got an email from the client saying they have had their caravan towed out and did we have any space??? The caravan had indeed been towed out and alternative storage arranged, but had since been 'stolen' from man and van's storage and they now want to store it with us, if and when it gets recovered - which is very unlikely.
We have moved literally 100's of caravans, boats, 5th wheels and trailers all over Europe, providing a reputable, reliable, honest service. If you want your caravan bringing out to Spain, use a reputable business and research the transport 'person' or company thoroughly before taking a cheap price, that may well cost you a lot more in the long run. Read our testimonials here.

Cheap UK / Spain caravan delivery service
Caravan collected in the UK and delivered to our storage facility on the Costa Blanca

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