Tuesday 4 September 2018

5th wheel collected from the UK and delivered to Spain

In March we collected a 5th wheel Prairie Schooner from Portsmouth that was coming to our storage facility near Alicante to be sold. Incidentally, this is for sale and details can be seen here: Prairie Schooner 5th wheel for sale

We arrived early in Caen for the ferry so took advantage of a lovely steak at Hotel du Phare where they have a friendly and very cheeky bird that visits for chips.

In the UK, we landed at Portsmouth early morning and breakfast was courtesy of Portsmouth Truck Stop. After delivering a caravan, we had a fair bit of hanging around to do as the 5th wheel was in Southampton docks and hadn't cleared customs at that point. Fortunately all was well and we were on our way late afternoon.

Cheeky bird at Hotel du Phare

Caravan delivery Spain to UK
Breakfast at Portsmouth Truck Stop

Rainbow after a storm 

5th wheel transport to Spain
Pitstop en route in Spain with the 5th wheel

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