Monster Moovers is a family run business, based near Alicante, dedicated to moving things a bit out of the ordinary. We specialise primarily in American 5th wheel caravans, American travel trailers, neither of which can be moved by an ordinary towing service. We also tow standard caravans, boats and cars and have a parking / storage facility for 5th wheels, caravans, boats, RVs, etc.

American caravans have special hitch requirements, either a 5th wheel hitch or a large American towball hitch. They also have specialised electrical requirements, to control the electric brakes. As they can weigh up to 7 tonnes, obviously an ordinary vehicle is not up to the job.

Our tow vehicle is a Ford F350 dual rear wheel, specifically designed to move these types of trailers. Being a 'dually' it can handle big payloads and offers more stability in crosswinds than a single rear wheel. It's 6.0 litre V8 diesel engine will pull the heaviest of loads without straining.

The truck also has the capability and equipment to tow goosenecks, 5th wheels, American towball hitches (both 2" and 2 5/16") and of course standard UK and European 50 mm hitches.

It is equipped with a sophisticated integrated brake controller that continuously monitors the braking system and alerts to any problems that may exist. A lot of 5th wheel tow vehicles have aftermarket brake controllers that don't have the sophisticated technology of the factory integrated ones.

Another safety measure is our on board tyre pressure monitoring system. We can continually monitor the tyre pressure and temperature of the truck and trailer tyres which alerts  problems, or potential problems before they happen. Not only for tyres, for example, increased temperatures may be due to a binding brake, that if left unchecked could cause a wheel to lock.

We only offer a dedicated service. That means, when your trailer goes on the back of the truck, that's where it stays until it is delivered. We collect your trailer and take it directly to it's destination in the shortest possible time. It is quite common practice for hauliers and similar services to subcontract work out to a cheaper service, often a backload, or wait around for other loads.

A couple of recent events can be relayed outlining the problems associated with using cheaper services. One chap wanted his £45,000 Morgan taking out to southern Spain. The carrier turned up and his beautiful car was loaded onto the trailer. He meticulously covered the car, to protect it during transport. When the vehicle arrived, it was discovered it had been trans-shipped onto another trailer and there was a lot a paint damage due to chafing as the cover had not been secured properly when transferred. In any case, when the owner secured the vehicle initially, he was misled that it was going direct to its destination.

Another incidence, someone got a cheap deal to deliver their caravan to Spain. It was duly collected but then disappeared for two weeks and the owners were unable to even contact the transport. Obviously this caused a lot of stress during this period. The caravan eventually turned up locally, but they then had to drive fifty odd miles to collect it themselves! It was in a terrible condition and filthy.... There are hundreds of cases similar to these, every year.

Discerning customers use Monster Moovers as they know their goods are in safe hands with people that care. We know and understand how 5th wheels, American caravans and boats work. We have worked with them and owned them ourselves for years. We don't pretend we can tow your pride and joy or use fake or 'borrowed' photos, we do tow, and cover many thousands of miles each year. Our service isn't the cheapest but costs are high to buy, run, maintain and insure vehicles and equipment suitable for this type of work, which enables us to provide a reliable, safe and confidence inspiring service to our clients. In the same respect, we don't have expensive offices or premises, so are able to pass these savings on.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. info@monstermoovers.com

Spain (+34) 641 670035


  1. hi guys stumbled across your website and must say its impressive. i have been in international road transport for 40 plus years and even had a spell living and working in javea costa blance and driving for jose carillo in murcia. i have owned rv,s and now a fifth wheeland thought i knew it all but have learnt a few things from your great site. well done guys. kevin.

    1. Hi Kevin, many thanks for the positive comments and we're pleased you find the site useful. If we can help with anything, please feel free to ask. Andy