Big Pitch Guide

Since the demise of the Big Pitch Guide, there is no readily available source of information for owners of 5th wheels and American RVs on campsites that have pitches large enough to accommodate them. As a result, we have produced this guide, in conjunction with Mo and Dick (the creators of the original BPG) of RV friendly sites, throughout Europe with big pitches. It's not an easy feat and may take some time to bring up to date. We are relying on RV, 5th wheel owners and campsites themselves to provide the information. We try and add notes to sites we visit as we usually have something large on the back and experience any difficulties first hand.

We must stress, that this is and always will be a FREE resource for the benefit of RV and 5th wheel owners, provided and maintained by Monster Moovers and Costa Blanca Caravan and Boat Storage.
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There are notes and comments for many sites and we have verified them with our experience of the site, where applicable but we would always advise checking with the site beforehand, that they have availability and the capacity to take your RV. A useful tip, especially when contacting foreign sites, is to send a picture of your RV or 5th wheel, enabling them to clearly understand what you are trying to book in. We can't be held responsible for any inaccuracies but if you do find any incorrect information, please let us know, so we can correct it.

The biggest problem we keep finding is, although the pitches can be large, the access isn't. This can be an even bigger problem when the sites are busy and opposing pitches occupied.

If you would like to add a site or make any observations about a site, please email with any information and we'll make it available: Hopefully we will soon be able to provide the information in a downloadable format.

We can't take the credit for all the data and need to say a big thank you to all the contributors and the people who have supplied the information and made it readily available.






The Big Pitch Guide
38' 5th wheel on pitch at Parc Verger, France

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  1. Great idea one of the members on the RVOC forum has a similar idea, see these links, the more the merrier?

    hope the links work and help?


  2. Thanks Mick, that's awesome. I have taken the info and updated the Spanish map (above) and will do the rest as soon as. A big thanks to all who contributed to this.

  3. Hi, as the owner of Camping Devezeau, in the Charente I would like to be able to update our campsite details, the main one being our phone number has changed to 00 33 545 94 63 09. website address is: and we do accommodate large vehicles, these can be seen on our facebook site: Camping Devezeau. Thanks very much Chris.

    1. Hi Chris, will get this done later today for you. Thanks for your feedback. Andy

  4. Hi
    Just contacted west end farm, Weston supper mare BS24 8RH
    Does not except 5th wheels

  5. Just stumbled across this site. We're seriously looking at buying a 5th wheel outfit next year and doing Europe and Turkey (we lived there for 6 years) next year. We were just a bit concerned about the lack of places that would accept 5th wheelers but your site has now made us even more determined to go ahead.

  6. Another site to add to your data base for France. Camping D'Uzurate at Limoges is very 5er friendly. Good access from A20, good wide access into site. Big open pitches, ask for water hook up and they will turn water on for you to fill. Staff couldn't be more helpful, recommended.

    1. Thanks for that. I'm a little behind with the updates and if you could email them to me, that would be a big help. Cheers, Andy

  7. Hi, I own a 5thwheel 38ft and want to live permanently in it further down south in Hampshire or Dorset, but its proving to be very difficult to find a place. Does anyone have any information on any sites that would accomodate my 5th wheel.

    I did look up The Lodge in Bartley, Hampshire, but the site I went on said that this site has since closed down. I hope this is of help.

    Thanks in advance
    Stephanie Turnbull