Monster Moovers Truck

F350 Lariat, V8 6.0L Diesel Powerstroke.

Our tow vehicle is a Ford F350 dual rear wheel, specifically designed and equipped to tow 5th wheels up to 7200kg, American travel trailers up to 6800kg, plus of course, normal caravans and trailers.

Being a 'dually' it can handle big payloads and offers more stability in crosswinds than a single rear wheel. It's 6.0 litre V8 diesel engine will pull the heaviest of loads without straining.

Monster Moovers F350

Ford F350 'Dually' , 6.2m long, 2.5m wide, 2.0m high, weight 'empty' 3950kg

4x4 aids when ground conditions aren't ideal

Lots of chrome

at night....

Powerplant, 6.0 litre, V8 turbo-diesel producing 325hp and 773Nm of torque @ 2000rpm

Under the bonnet is full.... Engine alone measures 38 inches long, 38 inches wide and 40 inches tall and weighs 440 kg

The 'office'. Lariat, leather, climate control, bluetooth hands-free, scan gauge, dash cam, sat nav, integrated electric brake controller, electric everything, including pedal adjustment!

And some of the stuff we carry....

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