Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

As used by Monster Moovers. This wireless tire pressure monitoring system comes with 6 external sensors and a digital display to monitor the pressure and temperature of your car and caravan tyres

In the event of low pressure, overheating or sudden deflation the display will flash, change colour and an alarm will sound.

Easy to install

Very accurate (to less than +/- 1 psi )

Advanced American Freescale 6-in-1 wireless sensors using Bluetooth technology

Monitor powered by car charger and built in battery

Real-time tyre pressure / temperature monitoring (displays pressure and temperature of 6 tires simultaneously)

Adjustable high / low pressure / temperature warnings

Instant audio alarm of abnormal pressure or temperature

Sleep mode to prolong battery life

Improve fuel efficiency, tyre life and safety

Choose between psi or bar

Water and dust proof

The replaceable sensor batteries last up to three years

Sensors transmit pressure and temperature data every 3 seconds

Sensor pressure range from 0 to 215 psi (0-15 bar)

Complete system with 6 sensors 200€ + IVA and postage where applicable

Complete system with 8 sensors 250€ + IVA and postage where applicable

Complete system with 10 sensors 300€ + IVA and postage where applicable

for more information, please email info@monstermoovers.com

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