Friday, 11 July 2014

5th wheel transport to France and Spain

Monster Moovers, the number one 5th wheel delivery, transport and towing service in Europe, collected a large tri-axle 5th wheel caravan last week from the UK, to be delivered to a campsite near Limoges in France.

The owners had imported the trailer from the States and it was in for some work to be done, converting the electrics etc. We went to collect the fifth wheel on Friday. It was hitched up, number plate fixed, lights checked and finally the brakes.... I slid the manual control on the F350's integrated brake controller and alas, nothing!

A couple of hours checking wiring and it became apparent it needed a bit more of an investigation and was going nowhere that day. A bit of a pain, the ferry was booked etc. I left it with them, and we agreed provisionally, to collect it Monday. Fortunately it was ready on Saturday afternoon and they kindly opened up on Sunday morning, so we were off.

The mighty F350 with it's 325 bhp and 570 lb-ft or torque made light work of towing the 6 tonne 5th wheel and on Monday, it was delivered to it's new pitch, much to the delight of the owners.

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5th wheel delivery to France

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Delivering a 5th wheel to France

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