Saturday, 5 July 2014

Towing 5th wheels - brakes

Monster Moovers are in the UK, to collect a 5th wheel for delivery to France. We went to collect the trailer yesterday morning and upon plugging the electrics in, the integrated brake controller indicated a fault with the brakes. Oh joy....

Jointly with tyres, the brakes are top priority for us. I have known people tow 5th wheels with no brakes, comments such as "it's ok if you take your time" and "using a mini artic is ok as they are designed for stopping heavier trailers" etc etc come forth.

Well it's not ok! In an emergency braking situation, an unbraked trailer will, every single time, try to overtake the tow vehicle, more often than not, with disastrous consequences! This happened to someone I know.

5th wheel transport no brakes
5th wheel towed without brakes

Monster Moovers will NEVER take a risk towing your 5th wheel caravan. If we arrive to tow your 5th wheel, we make sure it is safe. If not, it will be put right, at additional cost but still a lot cheaper than buying a new trailer!!

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