Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Caring for the tyres on your 5th wheel

A lot of 5th wheels tend to sit around for long periods of time and one area that is seriously overlooked and not cared for are the tyres. Although a lot of owners view 5th wheels and American caravans as a kind of 'mobile home', by their very nature, they are designed to be towed and moved around.

We see a lot of 5th wheels in Spain, sat on pitches for years at a time with flat tyres that are uncovered and baking in the hot sun day after day. One day these will undoubtedly need to be moved.

It is very important that 5th wheel owners check their tyre pressures regularly and keep the tyres covered and protected from the elements. The results of a blow out while towing could be catastrophic, resulting maybe, with the trailer turning over. At best, the failed tyre will cause damage to the trailer as it sheds it's tread.

We always check the tyres before we tow any 5th wheel but even this isn't guaranteed. We towed a 5th wheel the other day, that appeared to have decent tyres on it but it was the valves that were faulty. It had been on a site in Spain for four years and where the valves came through the rim, they had perished, to a point that one failed whilst being towed.

An important point to note, is that the insurance doesn't cover tyre failure. The onus lies firmly with the owner to ensure the tyres are in good condition!

Check them regularly, keep them covered and if in doubt or if there are any signs of damage, perished sidewalls etc, get them changed before the 5th wheel is towed.

5th wheel tyre blow out

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