Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ford F350 6.0 PSD Servicing and repairs

The 6.0 Powerstroke diesel that powers our F350 dually is a complex, sophisticated piece of modern engineering. Taken care of, it will provide reliable service but neglect the maintenance and it's a different story. Even missing an oil change or using non OEM filters can result in catastrophic failure.

Such is the complexity of these engines that experienced mechanics don't understand them, even in the States where there are lots of them! When a fault does occur, reading the fault code doesn't necessarily provide the answer. For this reason, we have learned to understand how the 6.0 works and carry out all our own maintenance, diagnosis and repair and this extends to all our vehicles.

As an example, recently our F350 had a turbo boost issue and the fault code indicated a low turbo boost problem. It started and ran perfectly apart from the lack of power. We had several very good and experienced mechanics look at it but the answer was always the same, 'I don't know mate'. If you had taken your 6.0 to a dealer, no doubt they would have simply replaced the turbocharger.

However, the turbo was not the problem. There are many other culprits that could cause this symptom. One of a myriad of sensors, control units, etc. After careful checking and testing of all the likely components, it turned out that our problem was a faulty fuel injection control module (FICM), which was duly replaced with an upgraded, stronger FICM with a 'tune' to provide better running and fuel economy, as they can be a weak point on this engine.

This didn't immediately solve the problem and it transpires that the original faulty FICM had caused the catalytic converter to 'melt', subsequently restricting exhaust gas flow and preventing the turbo from delivering it's 'charge'.

The question is, how much would it have cost at a dealer to get this repaired? After replacing the turbo, what parts would they have thrown at it next? Not to mention labour costs!

While on the repairs and maintenance topic, we also repair American trailers, 5th wheels, Jeep heaters. If you have a problem on the Costa Blanca, Spain we shall always try to help.

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