Thursday, 25 September 2014

UK 5th wheel companies....

The UK 5th wheel industry.... I have always been one to promote the 5th wheel and American trailer industry and also believe that it would be in the interests of the industry to 'work' together.

However, so many instance have arisen recently that have led to this post.

A couple of particular instances spring to mind. Without going into too much detail, the first was a company slating a competitors product so much that it did untold harm to the business. The irony here is that the said 'slater' then ended up selling this very same product and subsequently attempting, in vain, to convince potential purchasers to the contrary.

The second is 'reputable' 5th wheel companies using other people's photos to promote their businesses falsely, namely Monster Moovers photos. I was 'honoured' to find my photos being used by these companies! The irony here is that a UK company claiming to transport 5th wheels had used a photo belonging another 5th wheel company to make it's business look better and that same 'victim' 5th wheel company subsequently used our photo to promote it's services!!

I am not one to bring disrepute to any industry but 'rival' companies using our photos to promote their own business / services.... unacceptable!

The moral of the story is, don't be fooled by websites, claims and images. If these companies were doing it for real they would have their own photos. Anybody can download images from Google making their business and services look great. Unfortunately, we seem to be a popular target for this.

If you see this image it belongs to Monster Moovers

Monster Moovers image
Monster Moovers genuine image

Anyway, I have to go, we have another 5th wheel to move.

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