Monday, 8 June 2015

5th wheel delivery Spain to UK

Last week we collected a 5th wheel from Alicante, Spain for delivery to Devon, UK. The trailer was a 2012 31' Cougar that had been sold on Ebay. There was a small issue with the converted trailer lights but fortunately, we carry everything and simply put our the trailer board on the back. End of problem.

The trip was straightforward and the Cougar was nice and light with a gross weight of only 4600kg. Once again, French customs (Duane) took an interest in us. In central France they now have a full size mobile x-ray machine!

We opted for the Calais to Dover crossing this time as it was the most cost effective. With the problem in Calais of illegal immigrants, we never stop within 100km of the port and on arrival, customs again checked the trailer. Of course, everything was in order.

Another happy customer...

Collecting the 5th wheel near Alicante

5th wheel Cougar checked and ready for it's 1500 mile journey

The 5th wheel wouldn't go through the drive through

Only six parking spaces required

Parked with the 5th wheel in France

5th wheel and F350 in France

Waiting for the ferry at Calais

5th wheel at another truck stop in the UK

Total combination 15m long

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