Tuesday, 9 June 2015

5th wheel delivery Stonehaven to Somerset

After we delivered the 5th wheel in Devon, we got a call for another move from Aberdeenshire going to Yeovil in Somerset. Great timing as we were in the UK and we got straight on it! The 5th wheel in question was a 36' Eurocruiser, that had been sold on Ebay.

The collection point was a remote farmhouse at the end of a narrow track about half a mile long. It was briefly discussed with the previous owners that this would be the most difficult part of the journey. However, we couldn't have been more wrong!

The site the 5th wheel was delivered to, had a very narrow entrance, off a very narrow road. Another mission impossible... Eventually after some creative shunting and the use of a kind neighbour's drive, she went in with millimetres to spare. Needless to say, the new owners were very happy.

Hitched up and ready to go in Stonehaven

Another angle

Another truckstop

At the services

Yet another truckstop...

It wouldn't go directly in the gate but the neighbour let us use their drive

Still not much room

A short shunt

and in she came

The last narrow bit

It's new home for a while. Part of the narrow access can be seen on the left.

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