Thursday, 18 June 2015

5th wheel electric brakes and tyres

The amount of enquiries we are getting to move old 5th wheels. There are some being sold on ebay, amongst other places, that people want moving. They have been stood for years to the extent that they have gone 'green'. No information is available on the electrical connections, whether the brakes work or not. They have been stood on their original tyres for, who knows how long.

If you want a 5th wheel of this nature moving, it either needs a full inspection / overhaul of the running gear, brakes and tyres, at a minimum, by someone qualified / experienced with knowledge of electric brakes or a low loader and crane.

Having said that, there is nothing wrong with an old 5th wheel that has been properly maintained and serviced but beware if buying one and you want it moving. It is well worth noting that tyre damage and damage caused by defective tyres (which can run into £1,000s as the tyre comes apart and rips the trailer to pieces) is generally excluded from insurance policies. As a general rule, the tyres on a 5th wheels, travel trailers and caravans should be changed at a maximum five years old.

Regarding the electric brakes on American caravans, they need to work... period! They should be checked and serviced every year if trailer is being used, and if it has been stood, they need to be inspected and serviced before any journey. It's just common sense that is too often overlooked.

No brakes......

The result of poor tyre maintenance

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