Sunday 7 December 2014

5th wheel delivery from Portugal to France

A couple of weeks ago we were asked by a Spanish circus to transport an 11.5m American Caravan from Silves on the Algarve in Portugal to Orléans in France. The caravan was on a small site with a very narrow entrance road about 2km long. The most difficult exercise was negotiating a 90º corner over a bridge barely wider than the truck and further up the track, a house that left us around an inch to spare on either side.

Needless to say, we got it out and onto the main road, taking around an hour in total to travel the 2km!

The rest of the journey was plain sailing and the trailer now sits next to the big top on the site in France.

5th wheel transport, Portugal, France, Spain
Coming into Portugal

European 5th wheel delivery service
The widest part of the track

European American caravan delivery and transport

European caravan delivery
Coffee break at dusk 

Caravan delivery, Spain, Portugal, France

All good here
Travelling through Spain

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Golden Falcon 5th wheel caravan transport and storage

An interesting move of a 5th wheel that had been on a site near Guardamar on the Costa Blanca in Spain for seven years. The site was very populated with trees and we had very little room for manoeuvre. Fortunately the site was empty, which made life a little easier. The 5th wheel was going into storage which would be a good time to mention our new storage facility.

Costa Blanca Caravan Storage

You can even watch the video here:

Monster Moovers Video

Caravan and 5th wheel transport and storage, Costa Blanca

Thursday 13 November 2014

Costa Blanca Caravan Storage

We are pleased to announce we will be opening a secure storage site for caravans, 5th wheels, RVs etc, close to Alicante on the Costa Blanca. We are expecting the new facility to be up and running from the 1st December.

The site is situated down a private gated road between Catral and Dolores. In addition to the main road gate, the site itself is fully fenced and gated separately and the operators will be living on site.

Services provided:

Motorcycle storage
Car parking
Caravan storage
Campervan storage
Motorhome storage
5th wheel storage
American caravan (travel trailer) storage
Boat storage
Delivery and collection service
Siting service

Initially the site will be uncovered but we aim to add covered storage in the future as the site progresses.

Caravan storage from only €20 per month (plus IVA).

We can also arrange approved workshop caravan servicing, safety checks / inspections and repairs, on site, through Euro Caravan Services

For further information please visit Costa Blanca Caravan Storage.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Laredo 5th wheel delivery, Costa Blanca, Spain

The 5th wheel transport continues with another delivery on the Costa Blanca. This time a 31ft Laredo. Not without issues, this time. For some reason the previous owners had welded two additional 6mm plates onto the 5th wheel pin box which prevented the kingpin from locating correctly, and one of these plates had been removed, leaving large blobs of weld on the hitch mating surface.

It's worth a mention on goosenecks vs conventional 5th wheel hitches. The conventional hitch is certainly easier and faster to hitch up but the gooseneck has advantages beyond this and has got us out of some tight situations that would have been a real issue, if not impossible, with a conventional hitch. Mainly by the ability to easily adjust the height to clear the bed rails far greater than is possible with a normal hitch. In this case, I wouldn't have wanted tow this particular trailer with a normal hitch, firstly because there was insufficient clearance between the moving parts of the trailer pin box and the truck hitch and secondly because the remaining blobs of weld could well have caught up on the truck hitch and worst case scenario, potentially have ripped the hitch from the bed!

Often in site collection situations, although we carry a decent amount of tools to cope with most eventualities, we can't carry everything! An angle grinder was required, in this instance. The beauty of the gooseneck is that it fixes to the pin box and the point of rotation is where the adapter sits on the ball in the back of the truck. Another big plus is that there isn't a permanent hitch bolted to the bed of the truck, so the bed is completely clear for other uses.

The gooseneck will also take far more weight than a conventional hitch and in my opinion, also tows better, allowing the trailer / truck connection to 'roll' sideways, forwards, backwards, in fact in any direction in much the same way as a conventional bumper tow ball.

Anyway, back to the delivery. The problems didn't end with the hitch... On arrival at the site, which is tight for 5th wheel caravans at the best of times, we were face with the largest road being blocked by a truck delivering a mobile home. We found another way round and with the help of the good people on the site (moving cars, watching blind trailer corners etc) it was eventually delivered onto the pitch, much to the delight of the new owner. A bacon sandwich and coffee later, we were on our way home. We love fairytale endings :)

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Travel trailer pitch move

Not one of our longest jobs.... about 100 metres... We moved a travel trailer from the previous owners pitch to the new owners pitch.

Towing or moving any travel trailer or 5th wheel, whether it's 100 metres or 2000 miles, the principle is the same and usually the most awkward part of the journey is getting them on and off pitches. Even though there are quite a few sites now with bigger pitches, they seem to have overlooked the access getting round the sites to these pitches and actually manouevring space to get them onto the pitches and the longer the trailers are, it follows that the challenge increases in relation to the length.

American caravan towing
No number plates or reflector boards required for a pitch move

Friday 17 October 2014

2012 Cougar 5th wheel delivered

We were asked to deliver another 5th wheel to a Costa Blanca campsite. This one was a new 2012 Cougar.

The access to the pitch it was going on was very tight and we had to do a lap of the site, against the one way system (which was also very tight), to get the approach entrance needed. It's a good job not all the corner pitches were occupied as we had to use a portion of them to negotiate the turns. The Cougar measures up at 9.5 metres in length. If it had been any longer, it really would have been a struggle. As always, the job was done and it's now sat happily on it's new pitch, which will be 'home' for quite some time.

5th wheel transport and delivery, UK, France, Spain, Portugal
Refuelling stop

Tuesday 14 October 2014

5th wheel towed from France to Spain

We were back in France again, to collect a large 5th wheel and tow it to the Alicante area of Spain. Another uneventful trip, which is how we like them! A round trip of 1500 miles (2400km)

The mighty F350 performed awesomely, towing the 7000kg trailer over the Pyrenees without even slowing down. The trip took us from Limoges, via Bordeaux, into Northern Spain, San Sebastian, Pamplona, Zaragoza, Valencia and finally Alicante. There are very few tolls in Spain on this route, three small ones, which are actually cheaper for dual rear wheel vehicles, than for cars. Two at €1.25 and the last at €2.95. Not bad for a 16m combination, weighing in a 12 tonnes. The final toll takes you into Zaragoza but can be avoided by using roads, which incidentally are town and traffic free and mostly dead straight for miles...

F350 and 5th wheel in the Pyrenees
F350 and 5th wheel in the clouds in the Pyrenees

F350 and 5th wheel in the Pyrenees

F350 and 5th wheel France / Spain

Sunday 12 October 2014

Keystone VR1, travel trailer towing and delivery

As well as the the longer jobs, we carry out a fair bit of on site towing and for 5th wheels and travel trailers. 5th wheels in and out of storage facilities, pitch changes, campsite moves etc. Contact us if you need or want your 5th wheel or travel trailer moving locally on the Costa Blanca.

Moving a VR1 travel trailer at Marjal Campsite
Moving a Keystone VR1 travel trailer at Marjal campsite

Sunday 5 October 2014

Another 5th wheel caravan delivered to Almafra

This is the second time this week that we have been asked to transport a 5th wheel caravan to Almafra site, near Benidorm. The 5th wheel in question was a 290 Cougar. These are a good trailer to tow as they are not too big, at 31ft long and can be squeezed into tight spots.

As the V10 truck is now sold, we used the 6.0 PSD F350 dually which makes effortless work of towing 5th wheel caravans.

5th wheel towing transport and delivery, UK - Spain
Arriving at Almafra site with the 5th wheel cougar

5th wheel towing transport and delivery, UK - Spain
Ready to go onto the pitch

5th wheel towing transport and delivery, UK - Spain
F350 delivering a Cougar 5th wheel caravan to Spain

Thursday 25 September 2014

UK 5th wheel companies....

The UK 5th wheel industry.... I have always been one to promote the 5th wheel and American trailer industry and also believe that it would be in the interests of the industry to 'work' together.

However, so many instance have arisen recently that have led to this post.

A couple of particular instances spring to mind. Without going into too much detail, the first was a company slating a competitors product so much that it did untold harm to the business. The irony here is that the said 'slater' then ended up selling this very same product and subsequently attempting, in vain, to convince potential purchasers to the contrary.

The second is 'reputable' 5th wheel companies using other people's photos to promote their businesses falsely, namely Monster Moovers photos. I was 'honoured' to find my photos being used by these companies! The irony here is that a UK company claiming to transport 5th wheels had used a photo belonging another 5th wheel company to make it's business look better and that same 'victim' 5th wheel company subsequently used our photo to promote it's services!!

I am not one to bring disrepute to any industry but 'rival' companies using our photos to promote their own business / services.... unacceptable!

The moral of the story is, don't be fooled by websites, claims and images. If these companies were doing it for real they would have their own photos. Anybody can download images from Google making their business and services look great. Unfortunately, we seem to be a popular target for this.

If you see this image it belongs to Monster Moovers

Monster Moovers image
Monster Moovers genuine image

Anyway, I have to go, we have another 5th wheel to move.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Ford F350 6.0 PSD Servicing and repairs

The 6.0 Powerstroke diesel that powers our F350 dually is a complex, sophisticated piece of modern engineering. Taken care of, it will provide reliable service but neglect the maintenance and it's a different story. Even missing an oil change or using non OEM filters can result in catastrophic failure.

Such is the complexity of these engines that experienced mechanics don't understand them, even in the States where there are lots of them! When a fault does occur, reading the fault code doesn't necessarily provide the answer. For this reason, we have learned to understand how the 6.0 works and carry out all our own maintenance, diagnosis and repair and this extends to all our vehicles.

As an example, recently our F350 had a turbo boost issue and the fault code indicated a low turbo boost problem. It started and ran perfectly apart from the lack of power. We had several very good and experienced mechanics look at it but the answer was always the same, 'I don't know mate'. If you had taken your 6.0 to a dealer, no doubt they would have simply replaced the turbocharger.

However, the turbo was not the problem. There are many other culprits that could cause this symptom. One of a myriad of sensors, control units, etc. After careful checking and testing of all the likely components, it turned out that our problem was a faulty fuel injection control module (FICM), which was duly replaced with an upgraded, stronger FICM with a 'tune' to provide better running and fuel economy, as they can be a weak point on this engine.

This didn't immediately solve the problem and it transpires that the original faulty FICM had caused the catalytic converter to 'melt', subsequently restricting exhaust gas flow and preventing the turbo from delivering it's 'charge'.

The question is, how much would it have cost at a dealer to get this repaired? After replacing the turbo, what parts would they have thrown at it next? Not to mention labour costs!

While on the repairs and maintenance topic, we also repair American trailers, 5th wheels, Jeep heaters. If you have a problem on the Costa Blanca, Spain we shall always try to help.

Friday 12 September 2014

5th wheel delivery to Almafra

August has been a quiet month which is good given the forty degree plus temperatures. Spain closes down pretty much for the whole of the month. Back to business in September though. We towed a Cougar 5th wheel caravan to Almafra, near Benidorm and have towed a couple of caravans from their respective summer storage facilities onto campsites where the owners are going to spend the winter.

We have had a problem with the diesel F350 and have been using the V10. That is worthy of a post of it's own which will follow.

5th wheel delivery UK, France, Spain, Portugal
Delivering a Cougar 5th wheel caravan to Almafra

Tuesday 26 August 2014

European 5th wheel breakdown recovery

In addition to our regular towing service, we can also provide breakdown recovery. In the event of breaking down towing a trailer, you can get recovered from most places in Europe, providing the trailer has a standard 50mm ball hitch. This can lead to problems with US towballs and 5th wheel hitches.

You should have no problem getting the tow vehicle recovered and we are able to recover the trailer for you, anywhere in Europe.

Please contact us for further information

European 5th wheel and trailer recovery

Sunday 24 August 2014

Towing service based in Spain

As well as a European towing service, we offer a towing service within Spain. We are based on the Costa Blanca and can move your 5th wheel, American caravan, Spanish / English / Dutch / French / German caravan, trailer, boat on trailer, car on trailer etc.

If you are relocating between campsites or marinas, sometimes it can be a difficult task, especially for the big American caravans and 5th wheels. A lot of people we speak to have concerns about moving their trailer, until they find out about us!

Además de un servicio de remolque Europea, le ofrecemos un servicio de remolque en España. Situado en la Costa Blanca y podemos mover su quinta rueda, caravana americana, Español / Inglés / Holandés / Francés / Alemán caravana, remolque, barco en el remolque, coche en el remolque, etc

Si usted se está mudando entre campings o puertos deportivos, a veces puede ser una tarea difícil, especialmente para las grandes caravanas americanas y 5 ruedas. Una gran cantidad de personas con las que hablar de tener preocupaciones acerca de cómo mover su remolque, hasta que se enteran de nosotros!

Ainsi que d'un service de remorquage européenne, nous offrons un service de remorquage de l'Espagne. Nous sommes basés sur la Costa Blanca et pouvons déplacer votre 5th wheel, caravane américaine, espagnol / anglais / néerlandais / français / allemand caravane, remorque, bateau sur remorque, voiture sur la remorque etc

Si vous déménagez entre campings ou ports de plaisance, parfois, il peut être une tâche difficile, surtout pour les grandes caravanes américaines et 5ème roues. Beaucoup de gens nous parlent d'avoir des inquiétudes sur le déplacement de leur remorque, jusqu'à ce qu'ils découvrent sur ​​nous!

Saturday 2 August 2014

American Caravan (travel trailer) or 5th wheel towing hitches

Last week we were asked to tow another American caravan (travel trailer). There are only two differences between a travel trailer and a 5th wheel.

The principal difference is the way they are towed. 5th wheel trailers use a king pin (or 5th wheel), similar to an articulated wagon attached to a hitch in the back of the truck. Travel trailers use a drawbar system, similar to the way we tow traditional caravans.

This gives the second difference, which allows travel trailers to have a flat, single level floor all the way through, whereas 5th wheels have steps up to the front part of the trailer.

The American drawbars use a much bigger towball and cannot be towed using a conventional UK / European tow bar. As they weigh in at up to 5 tonnes, even a normal towbar system can't be used as most are rated at less than half of this. The American trucks have what is known as a 'weight distributing' towbar, that does exactly that, distributing the drawbar weight through the chassis of the truck.

As for nose (or pin) weights, travel trailers load around 600kg onto the towbar and 5th wheels can be well over one tonne. In either case, specialised equipment is required.

As for towing, 5th wheels are much easier. The main reason for this, aside the stability advantages of a 5th wheel, is the sheer length of the combination. The caravan we towed the other day was 11m (35') long, add to this 1.5m (5')of drawbar and then 6.25m (20') of truck and the whole combination is 18.75m long (the maximum length allowed on European roads, and is longer than an articulated lorry (16.5m). being the same width as an artic, it is the largest combination legally allowed without special permits.

The same size 5th wheel trailer gives a much shorter combination, as a portion of the trailer is over the back of the truck reducing the overall length to around 15m, meaning you can effectively tow a much bigger 5th wheel (up to 16.5m) total length, which incidentally is the same size as an artic. These combinations can weigh up to 13 tonnes which makes them well and truly HGV Class one (C+E) territory.

The caravan we towed was that long, it was very difficult to get it round the turns on the campsite, something to bear in mind if you are considering buying one to tour with!

towing 5th wheel or drawbar combination
Towing 18.75m truck and trailer combination

Sunday 20 July 2014

5th wheel towing, transport and delivery

We provide a towing, transport and delivery service for American fifth wheel caravans. Our tow vehicle is a specially equipped Ford F350. Our F350 is powered by a mighty 6.0 litre diesel engine, fitted with a 5th wheel towing hitch and has a factory fitted, integrated brake controller, plus US and European tow bar electrics. It is the ultimate tow vehicle, especially for American trailers as they are designed and built to be towed by this kind of vehicle and primarily, the American trucks are designed and built to tow trailers such as these. European pick up trucks, such as the Nissan Navara, really aren't up to the job.

Fifth wheels are difficult to tow. It's not necessary to go to the expense of buying a suitable pick up truck to use for only a few weeks a year, or if you choose to use it all year round, suffering high fuel and running costs and try parking an 2.4m wide, 6.25m long truck in the office or supermarket car park!  Additionally, the larger 5th wheels need a C+E licence (Class 1 HGV). There are many people who find towing a small 5th wheel a daunting prospect, let alone a 12m long, 7 tonne one in mainland Europe on the 'wrong' side of the road. Don't let this stop you from enjoying the benefits of owning a large, luxury American 5th wheel caravan anywhere in Europe.

Monster Moovers have many thousands of miles under our belt delivering 5th wheels all over Europe, we can take the hassle out of towing your 5th wheel and you can relax and enjoy your trailer, anywhere you want to, when you want to.

There are other companies offering a 5th wheel delivery service but none have the credentials, experience and reputation of Monster Moovers.

To join the growing number of satisfied customers who trust Monster Moovers to transport their 5th wheel trailers, for further information or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch. Details on the contact page.

5th wheel arriving at a site in France

5th wheel delivery in France
and delivered to it's pitch for the summer

Friday 11 July 2014

5th wheel transport to France and Spain

Monster Moovers, the number one 5th wheel delivery, transport and towing service in Europe, collected a large tri-axle 5th wheel caravan last week from the UK, to be delivered to a campsite near Limoges in France.

The owners had imported the trailer from the States and it was in for some work to be done, converting the electrics etc. We went to collect the fifth wheel on Friday. It was hitched up, number plate fixed, lights checked and finally the brakes.... I slid the manual control on the F350's integrated brake controller and alas, nothing!

A couple of hours checking wiring and it became apparent it needed a bit more of an investigation and was going nowhere that day. A bit of a pain, the ferry was booked etc. I left it with them, and we agreed provisionally, to collect it Monday. Fortunately it was ready on Saturday afternoon and they kindly opened up on Sunday morning, so we were off.

The mighty F350 with it's 325 bhp and 570 lb-ft or torque made light work of towing the 6 tonne 5th wheel and on Monday, it was delivered to it's new pitch, much to the delight of the owners.

5th wheel trailer delivery to France

5th wheel delivery to France

fifth wheel transport to France

Towing a 5th wheel to France

5th wheel transport, UK, France, Spain

5th wheel in France

Delivering a 5th wheel to France

5th wheel caravan delivered to France

For further information, or to request a quotation, please contact us. Details on the contact page. With our proven experience, why trust anyone else with your 5th wheel. We operate a dedicated towing service for caravans, 5th wheels, American travel trailers, boats and prestige cars.

Saturday 5 July 2014

Towing 5th wheels - brakes

Monster Moovers are in the UK, to collect a 5th wheel for delivery to France. We went to collect the trailer yesterday morning and upon plugging the electrics in, the integrated brake controller indicated a fault with the brakes. Oh joy....

Jointly with tyres, the brakes are top priority for us. I have known people tow 5th wheels with no brakes, comments such as "it's ok if you take your time" and "using a mini artic is ok as they are designed for stopping heavier trailers" etc etc come forth.

Well it's not ok! In an emergency braking situation, an unbraked trailer will, every single time, try to overtake the tow vehicle, more often than not, with disastrous consequences! This happened to someone I know.

5th wheel transport no brakes
5th wheel towed without brakes

Monster Moovers will NEVER take a risk towing your 5th wheel caravan. If we arrive to tow your 5th wheel, we make sure it is safe. If not, it will be put right, at additional cost but still a lot cheaper than buying a new trailer!!

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Caring for the tyres on your 5th wheel

A lot of 5th wheels tend to sit around for long periods of time and one area that is seriously overlooked and not cared for are the tyres. Although a lot of owners view 5th wheels and American caravans as a kind of 'mobile home', by their very nature, they are designed to be towed and moved around.

We see a lot of 5th wheels in Spain, sat on pitches for years at a time with flat tyres that are uncovered and baking in the hot sun day after day. One day these will undoubtedly need to be moved.

It is very important that 5th wheel owners check their tyre pressures regularly and keep the tyres covered and protected from the elements. The results of a blow out while towing could be catastrophic, resulting maybe, with the trailer turning over. At best, the failed tyre will cause damage to the trailer as it sheds it's tread.

We always check the tyres before we tow any 5th wheel but even this isn't guaranteed. We towed a 5th wheel the other day, that appeared to have decent tyres on it but it was the valves that were faulty. It had been on a site in Spain for four years and where the valves came through the rim, they had perished, to a point that one failed whilst being towed.

An important point to note, is that the insurance doesn't cover tyre failure. The onus lies firmly with the owner to ensure the tyres are in good condition!

Check them regularly, keep them covered and if in doubt or if there are any signs of damage, perished sidewalls etc, get them changed before the 5th wheel is towed.

5th wheel tyre blow out

Monday 30 June 2014

Caravan towing service

Monster Moovers operate a UK / Spain / European caravan towing service.

We have over 25 years in the transport industry and are Class 1 licensed, CPC certified and fully insured.

We have two tow vehicles. both Ford F350s. One is a 6.0 litre V8 and the other a 6.8 litre V10. Both are 4x4 and equipped with UK and US towballs, UK and US towball electrics, electric brake controllers and 5th wheel hitches.

With a massive towing capacity of 7 tonnes, there isn't a lot we can't tow, including 5th wheels, American caravans, touring caravans, trailers, cars on trailers, boats on trailers, in fact nearly anything on trailers.

We operate primarily in Spain but cover the whole of Europe. We don't undertake UK domestic work (transport solely in the UK) but we are the Number 1 in Europe. Our extensive experience has taken us to France, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Andorra, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and Croatia.

Let us take the strain out of your towing. Please contact for any information. Details on the contact page.

F350 UK Spain Europe tow vehicle

Another 5th wheel move in Spain

After we towed the Montana 5th wheel from Cabopino to Marjal, we were asked to move another 5th wheel from the same site, again to Marjal.

The trailer in question was a 35ft Recreation By Design fifth wheel.

It had been on the pitch for 4 years and since it was put there, trees had grown, other permanent pitches had been established, subsequently making extracting it a difficult exercise. It took about half an hour with many shunts but eventually it came out.

This week alone we have moved a total of six 5th wheels, travel trailers and caravans in Spain, covering a distance of over 2000 miles.

towing a fifth wheel trailer
Ready to tow the 5th wheel

Towing a 5th wheel, UK

Moving 5th wheel UK / Spain / France

Towing a 5th wheel trailer in Europe

Ir you need your 5th wheel towing in Europe, please get in touch. Details on the contact page.

Saturday 28 June 2014

Towing an American travel trailer

Another trailer transport job this week. A local move from Marjal to another site nearby.

A couple wanted to change sites and as always with American travel trailers and 5th wheel caravans, they are not easy to move. They require specialised vehicles fitted with specialised equipment. Fortunately, Monster Moovers were on hand. As usual, Spanish campsites (or most campsites, for that matter) have small pitches, where 5th wheels and travel trailers are concerned and often, space can be very limited to manoeuvre large caravans.

Travel trailers, like the one moved here, are more awkward to move than 5th wheels, purely due to the length. A 35' travel trailer, can be as long as 38' including the drawbar, behind the tow vehicle, whereas a 35' fifth wheel will be around 5 or 6 feet shorter due to the fact that a portion of the trailer is over the back of the truck, therefore a 5th wheel of the same size is easier to manoeuvre.

European 5th wheel transport

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Towing to the UK

The truck is going to the UK, end of next week and has capacity to tow a caravan, trailer, 5th wheel etc. Please contact us for details for transport from Spain or France to the UK. Can also deliver to France from. Spain.

Email: Monster Moovers

Caravan delivery to Spain

Busy busy at the moment and we are booked solid delivering 5th wheels, travel trailers and caravans  in the UK, Spain and France for the next few weeks.

Another move today, though not very adventurous. Some nice folk on the Marjal site needed their caravan delivering to another nearby location in Spain. As the Monster Moover truck is equipped with a 5th wheel hitch, American tow balls and European tow balls, we were happy to oblige.

Our busy schedule over the next couple of weeks includes

a 34ft American caravan delivery to a site in Spain,
A pitch relocation for a 5th wheel caravan
Two more fifth wheels to delivery to Marjal, Costa blanca (and both coming up for sale)
A 5th wheel to transport from the UK to France and onto Spain later in the year.

The number one for 5th wheel and caravan delivery and transport in Europe!!

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Montana 5th wheel transport and delivery

Yesterday we moved a large Montana 5th wheel trailer from Camping Cabopino, near Marbella to the Marjal Costa Blanca site. The most difficult part of the trip was getting the fifth wheel off the pitch. It had been there a while and the wheels had sank into the ground a little. 4x4 and low ratio, a little rocking and out she came.

We used the V10 6.8L Ford F350, which incidentally is for sale. The journey includes crossing some mountains and a steep 25 km climb that slows trucks down to 30 kmh. The F350 coped admirably with the heavy 5th wheel on the back, punching up the hills at 80+ and cruising at a steady 90kmh.

Six hours later 5th wheel was delivered to Camping Marjal Costa Blanca it was set up on the sales pitch and is currently for sale.

The Montana 5th wheels are lovely trailers and a joy to tow and have been the best selling fifth wheel in North America for 11 consecutive years!

UK Europe Spain 5th wheel transport and delivery

If you would like your 5th wheel or travel trailer moving, for delivery and transport we are the No1 in Europe. 

For further information please telephone: Spain 653705597, UK 07967 564339 or email Monster Moovers

Thursday 12 June 2014

Ford F350, American pickup, SOLD

For sale, 2000 Ford F350, 6.8L V10 on gas (30mpg equivalent). Lovely truck, US and UK electrical sockets and towballs. Perfect for towing 5th wheels and travel trailers. XLT model, Aircon, tonneau cover, crew cab, lovely truck with only 75,000km. Tax and MOT     ONLY £10,000 SOLD

Ford F350 for sale

F350 pickup for sale

F350 for sale UK

UK Ford F350 for sale

For further information, please call 07976 564339 or email