Monday 30 June 2014

Caravan towing service

Monster Moovers operate a UK / Spain / European caravan towing service.

We have over 25 years in the transport industry and are Class 1 licensed, CPC certified and fully insured.

We have two tow vehicles. both Ford F350s. One is a 6.0 litre V8 and the other a 6.8 litre V10. Both are 4x4 and equipped with UK and US towballs, UK and US towball electrics, electric brake controllers and 5th wheel hitches.

With a massive towing capacity of 7 tonnes, there isn't a lot we can't tow, including 5th wheels, American caravans, touring caravans, trailers, cars on trailers, boats on trailers, in fact nearly anything on trailers.

We operate primarily in Spain but cover the whole of Europe. We don't undertake UK domestic work (transport solely in the UK) but we are the Number 1 in Europe. Our extensive experience has taken us to France, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Andorra, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and Croatia.

Let us take the strain out of your towing. Please contact for any information. Details on the contact page.

F350 UK Spain Europe tow vehicle

Another 5th wheel move in Spain

After we towed the Montana 5th wheel from Cabopino to Marjal, we were asked to move another 5th wheel from the same site, again to Marjal.

The trailer in question was a 35ft Recreation By Design fifth wheel.

It had been on the pitch for 4 years and since it was put there, trees had grown, other permanent pitches had been established, subsequently making extracting it a difficult exercise. It took about half an hour with many shunts but eventually it came out.

This week alone we have moved a total of six 5th wheels, travel trailers and caravans in Spain, covering a distance of over 2000 miles.

towing a fifth wheel trailer
Ready to tow the 5th wheel

Towing a 5th wheel, UK

Moving 5th wheel UK / Spain / France

Towing a 5th wheel trailer in Europe

Ir you need your 5th wheel towing in Europe, please get in touch. Details on the contact page.

Saturday 28 June 2014

Towing an American travel trailer

Another trailer transport job this week. A local move from Marjal to another site nearby.

A couple wanted to change sites and as always with American travel trailers and 5th wheel caravans, they are not easy to move. They require specialised vehicles fitted with specialised equipment. Fortunately, Monster Moovers were on hand. As usual, Spanish campsites (or most campsites, for that matter) have small pitches, where 5th wheels and travel trailers are concerned and often, space can be very limited to manoeuvre large caravans.

Travel trailers, like the one moved here, are more awkward to move than 5th wheels, purely due to the length. A 35' travel trailer, can be as long as 38' including the drawbar, behind the tow vehicle, whereas a 35' fifth wheel will be around 5 or 6 feet shorter due to the fact that a portion of the trailer is over the back of the truck, therefore a 5th wheel of the same size is easier to manoeuvre.

European 5th wheel transport

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Towing to the UK

The truck is going to the UK, end of next week and has capacity to tow a caravan, trailer, 5th wheel etc. Please contact us for details for transport from Spain or France to the UK. Can also deliver to France from. Spain.

Email: Monster Moovers

Caravan delivery to Spain

Busy busy at the moment and we are booked solid delivering 5th wheels, travel trailers and caravans  in the UK, Spain and France for the next few weeks.

Another move today, though not very adventurous. Some nice folk on the Marjal site needed their caravan delivering to another nearby location in Spain. As the Monster Moover truck is equipped with a 5th wheel hitch, American tow balls and European tow balls, we were happy to oblige.

Our busy schedule over the next couple of weeks includes

a 34ft American caravan delivery to a site in Spain,
A pitch relocation for a 5th wheel caravan
Two more fifth wheels to delivery to Marjal, Costa blanca (and both coming up for sale)
A 5th wheel to transport from the UK to France and onto Spain later in the year.

The number one for 5th wheel and caravan delivery and transport in Europe!!

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Montana 5th wheel transport and delivery

Yesterday we moved a large Montana 5th wheel trailer from Camping Cabopino, near Marbella to the Marjal Costa Blanca site. The most difficult part of the trip was getting the fifth wheel off the pitch. It had been there a while and the wheels had sank into the ground a little. 4x4 and low ratio, a little rocking and out she came.

We used the V10 6.8L Ford F350, which incidentally is for sale. The journey includes crossing some mountains and a steep 25 km climb that slows trucks down to 30 kmh. The F350 coped admirably with the heavy 5th wheel on the back, punching up the hills at 80+ and cruising at a steady 90kmh.

Six hours later 5th wheel was delivered to Camping Marjal Costa Blanca it was set up on the sales pitch and is currently for sale.

The Montana 5th wheels are lovely trailers and a joy to tow and have been the best selling fifth wheel in North America for 11 consecutive years!

UK Europe Spain 5th wheel transport and delivery

If you would like your 5th wheel or travel trailer moving, for delivery and transport we are the No1 in Europe. 

For further information please telephone: Spain 653705597, UK 07967 564339 or email Monster Moovers

Thursday 12 June 2014

Ford F350, American pickup, SOLD

For sale, 2000 Ford F350, 6.8L V10 on gas (30mpg equivalent). Lovely truck, US and UK electrical sockets and towballs. Perfect for towing 5th wheels and travel trailers. XLT model, Aircon, tonneau cover, crew cab, lovely truck with only 75,000km. Tax and MOT     ONLY £10,000 SOLD

Ford F350 for sale

F350 pickup for sale

F350 for sale UK

UK Ford F350 for sale

For further information, please call 07976 564339 or email

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Travel trailer / 5th wheel relocation

Another travel trailer moved on Spain's sunny Costa Blanca. The only day it has rained for what seems like months made for a damp experience. The trailer in question is a 34' VR1, that is now up for sale.

As you can see by the pictures, it was tight on the pitch (we put it there!) but our expertise made light work of getting it off. Travel trailer's use what is known as a bumper tow, rather than a fifth wheel tow. Our F350 is equipped for both.

travel trailer relocation

American caravan towing

Costa Blanca 5th wheels and caravans

Keystone VR1 for sale

5th wheel towing, transport and delivery, UK, Spain, France, Europe

For more information on our specialised American trailer and 5th wheel services throughout the UK, Spain and Europe please don't hesitate to contact us. We have many trailers and 5th wheels for sale

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Caravans and holiday homes in Spain

This is the new style Static Home which is taking off with a flourish on a campsite in Southern Spain. It is a cross between a Mobile Home and a Caravan, picking the best points of both and moulding a new exciting product.

Where mobile homes can be a problem if you need to move to a new area, these can be moved easily like a caravan but such is the luxury of the interior, they are being set up on sites for more permanent living at a Four Star location at Camping Marjal near to Torrevieja. The site has just won the 'Best Camping 2014' award.

For more information go to

Sunday 1 June 2014

Another American trailer (not 5th wheel) for sale

Keystone VR1, 34' travel trailer for sale. This trailer is 2007 and one of  nicest trailers on the market. Immaculate condition and ready to move into at the bargain price of £24,000. Full details to follow.