Saturday 1 July 2023

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca via Ibiza

Delivered the 5th wheel now in our hotel chilling enjoying the views.

Friday 30 June 2023

New Tyres

4 new tyres fitted this morning, now we are at the ferry port to deliver this 5th wheel to its new owners in Mallorca.

Friday 9 June 2023

Trip to the Circus

 We were in Benidorm delivering a 5th wheel to its new owners at the Circus this morning.

Friday 2 June 2023

Another ITV

 Another ITV(MOT) fail on a technicality yesterday. A motorhome equipped with a side awning and bike rack not on the paperwork.

The new law states that all extras must be on the logbook. Including solar panels, satellite dishes and any other extras. After a bit of running around we sorted all the paperwork and it's now all legal and correct ready for more happy holidays.

Saturday 27 May 2023

New laws

Removing the awning to comply with the new Spanish law and be able to pass the ITV, until we can get the paperwork processed and it can go back on legally. Then a quick spot of lunch after another hectic week.

Thursday 25 May 2023

Body Shop

 Ford Ranger collected from the body shop after having some bodywork and paint done while the owners were away, then new towing mirrors ordered, painted and fitted ready to tow the 5th wheel this season. Then we collected another customer's Mercedes Sprinter and delivered it to the Mercedes main dealer to have an engine light diagnosed. After that off to the airport to deliver the Ranger to its owners who came in on this mornings flight.

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Key Coding

MG collected from an airport parking in Alicante and transported to have the key re-coded on behalf of our client.

Sunday 30 April 2023


Road trip to Tarragona and back with my #1 co-pilot. 4am start to deliver a caravan and collect another.

Friday 28 April 2023

A big 5th move

Today we relocated this big 5th wheel from Catral to Mazarrón.

Sunday 23 April 2023

Spain - Home

Back from an epic roadtrip, 5 countries, UK, Austria, Italy, France then Spain. 2500kms.

I've met alot of interesting people and overcome a few challenging situations, It wasn't without its dramas including getting seriously lost in Austria, Italian police, impossible to access French petrol stations, 5th wheel electrical failures, truck stops full of lorries with no space left to park etc etc...

The 5th wheel is now safety delivered and set up in Camping Mar Menor for its owners to enjoy in the sun.

Saturday 22 April 2023

Italy - France

In Italy I had a long chat with a couple of what I can only assume are American caravan enthusiasts, both dressed in blue wearing shiny badges and were extremely interested in looking at the 5th wheel in great detail, they even had the full VIP interior tour in my broken Italiano.

Afterwards I learned that French motorway services aren't designed for Ford Ranger's pulling 5th wheels as the height restrictions don't apply to 5th wheels and the big truck fuel pump nozzles
don't fit the Ranger's fuel tank. I ended up unhooking the 5th wheel to fill up with diesel after stopping at 4 different motorway services with only 30kms left in the tank.