Thursday 28 May 2015

The Monster Moovers Truck

F350 Lariat, V8 6.0L Diesel Powerstroke.

Our tow vehicle is a Ford F350 dual rear wheel, specifically designed and equipped to tow 5th wheels up to 7200kg, American travel trailers up to 6800kg, plus of course, normal caravans and trailers.

Being a 'dually' it can handle big payloads and offers more stability in crosswinds than a single rear wheel. It's 6.0 litre V8 diesel engine will pull the heaviest of loads without straining.

Monster Moovers F350

Ford F350 'Dually' , 6.2m long, 2.5m wide, 2.0m high, weight 'empty' 3950kg

4x4 aids when ground conditions aren't ideal

Lots of chrome

at night....

Powerplant, 6.0 litre, V8 turbo-diesel producing 325hp and 773Nm of torque @ 2000rpm

Under the bonnet is full.... Engine alone measures 38 inches long, 38 inches wide and 40 inches tall and weighs 440 kg

The 'office'. Lariat, leather, climate control, bluetooth hands-free, scan gauge, dash cam, sat nav, integrated electric brake controller, electric everything, including pedal adjustment!

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Caravan storage and towing service, Spain

Today we collected the caravan from La Marina that we delivered last week. We actually towed this van down from Northern France and it stays on our storage. Easy for the owner, they book a site, fly out, we meet them and put the van on the pitch, they have a great camping holiday, we collect the van, they fly home. It's becoming a popular way to enjoy camping in Spain.

Caravan towing service UK- Spain
En route from Camping La Marina back to Monster Moovers'  caravan storage

Caravan storage in Spain
Back on the storage site

Monday 25 May 2015

UK to Spain - Great rates 1st week in June

Monster Moovers will be travelling empty from the UK to Spain, 1st week in June. Contact us for a great rate to deliver a 5th wheel, caravan or trailer to France or Spain.

Thursday 21 May 2015

Nesting birds in 5th wheel pin boxes

I know it's probably a little bit late but the birds are nesting. Please check your slides (with blinds) before you bring them in and your 5th wheel pin boxes as there are currently nests with feeding young in the security of the hitches.
Better still, for future reference, in Spring, if you have slides with blinds, try and block off the ends so the birds can't nest in there, this applies also to pin boxes. Store your cables in the pin box and then stuff the opening with something (plastic bags, old clothes etc).

I sited a 5th wheel the other day, and when one of the slides came out, there was a bird's nest on top of it, complete with eggs... It was there when the slide went in. Additionally, I have moved trailers in the past and pulled the cables out of the pin box, only to pull out a live nest as well. Not intentionally, you don't always know they are there. Not good....
Thank you

The best pic I could get, without disturbing them

A distant picture but you can see 'Dad' on the cable. He flew off if I got any closer

Caravan delivery to a campsite in La Marina, near Alicante

A local delivery from our caravan storage facility to Camping International at La Marina. Lucky folk are on holiday on the Costa Blanca for a week, in their caravan.

5th wheel, caravan and trailer towing service

Saturday 16 May 2015

Caravan delivery - France to Spain

After the UK job, we collected a caravan from Northern France, near St Malo and delivered it onto our storage facility on the Costa Blanca, where the owner can enjoy the benefits of caravanning in Spain without the journey to get here!

European caravan towing and delivery service
Wet in Northern France

France to Spain caravan delivery
Sunny in Southern Spain!

Monster Moovers on Youtube

Check out the monster Moovers Youtube channel!

Monster Moovers Youtube

Friday 15 May 2015

Monster Moovers Video

A short video, manoeuvring a 5th wheel off a tight, wooded campsite pitch on the Costa Blanca, Spain

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Monster Moovers new Spanish contact number

Important: The Spanish telephone number for Monster Moovers and Costa Blanca caravan storage has changed. The old number no longer works (long story) and the new Spanish contact number is 691161165. Please let everyone know.

Monday 11 May 2015

Spain - UK Caravan delivery

Last week Monster Moovers delivered a caravan from Spain to the UK for a client. Another uneventful trip apart from customs taking an interest again. To be honest, I think they just want to look at the truck!

I quite often get asked about routes to and from the UK from Spain. I always drive up through France, using the same routes as the wagons, using minimal tolls. In my opinion, it's the quickest and cheapest route (even allowing for fuel and maintenance costs), enabling us to pass these savings on to our clients. One client even remarked that we do it more cost effectively than they could do it themselves!

European caravan towing service
Sunny late afternoon in France

UK Spain caravan delivery service
Waiting for the ferry at Dieppe