Sunday 8 February 2015

Denali 5th wheel delivery from UK to Spain

Last week we transported a 5th wheel caravan from the UK to a new site in La Vila Joyosa, on Spain's Costa Blanca.

This trip wasn't an easy one... The delays began in Pamplona where the motorway was covered in snow and an army of snow ploughs was struggling to keep one lane open. From then up to the UK was plain sailing. Once in the UK, the nightmare began.. endless roadworks, road closures on the M1, A46 and M23. All in less than 24 hours. Needless to say, half expecting delays, ample time was allowed to get to the ferry.

Back on mainland Europe, the problems ended and normal service was resumed until coming back on the descent towards Pamplona, drifting snow had covered the motorway and turned to ice. Not fun.

All ended well with another happy customer, even though the trailer was a tad dirty after it's 1500 mile trip through some terrible weather.

European 5th wheel and caravan delivery
Break in Northern France 

European 5th wheel caravan delivery and transport service
Refuelling in Northern Spain

UK Spain France 5th wheel and caravan transport
Even the Costa Blanca was cloudy