Thursday 30 July 2015

UK Spain UK Car transport

Monster Moovers have been doing some work for Cars-Go-Transport.They specialise in UK, Spain and Portugal and as well as your average car, they move a lot of very high value, prestige cars. The Porsche on the truck is a classic 993 and estimated at around £160,000..... Great rates and service!

Monday 6 July 2015

5th wheel recovery and repair, Costa Blanca, Spain

An interesting one the other day. We had a call about a 5th wheel caravan that had lost a wheel and hub in the Valencia area....

It was arranged to be brought down to us on a low loader and we recovered it onto our storage for repair. I was nominated for the job of reversing the 5th wheel off the truck....

5th wheel caravan recovery and repair, Spain
5th wheel and truck recovered on a low loader

5th wheel caravan recovery and repair, Costa Blanca

Thursday 2 July 2015

36' Regal 5th wheel delivered to Marjal, Spain

Yesterday we moved a 36' 5th wheel that had been sold, onto it it's new pitch at Marjal campsite.

Even short moves can be problematic. Again the landing legs wouldn't work, only manually. They are on a very low gear and it's hard work at the best of times, not to mention in full on sun in 35º heat. Out came the multimeter and it was a bad earth. Easy temporary solution with a Stanley knife and a jump lead.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

40' 5th wheel delivered to Málaga

Saturday we delivered an older 40' 5th wheel from Javea to Málaga.

The biggest concern with older trailers that have been standing around for a while are the brakes and tyres.

The trailer was still hitched to the truck that brought it here. The first problem was the front landing legs on the trailer. They didn't work... Out came the jacks! The second problem, the old truck wouldn't start so we had to tow it out from under the trailer. These things are sent to try us.

None of the trailer lights would work but that's easily overcome with the trailer board.

Surprisingly, the brakes were in perfect order. The integrated controller of the F350 automatically checks all the circuitry and indicates any faults. First plug in and it lit up green! All good.

Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for the tyres, 5 of which looked like the originals from circa 1990! They were in a poor state and needed replacing. That's easier said then done in Spain, on a Saturday. Luckily, we found a tyre place open that had 5 suitable part worns in stock that were sufficient for the 350 mile trip to Málaga.

Hitched up

New tyres being fitted

Caravans don't come much bigger than this

Another 120 litres of fuel...