Sunday 20 July 2014

5th wheel towing, transport and delivery

We provide a towing, transport and delivery service for American fifth wheel caravans. Our tow vehicle is a specially equipped Ford F350. Our F350 is powered by a mighty 6.0 litre diesel engine, fitted with a 5th wheel towing hitch and has a factory fitted, integrated brake controller, plus US and European tow bar electrics. It is the ultimate tow vehicle, especially for American trailers as they are designed and built to be towed by this kind of vehicle and primarily, the American trucks are designed and built to tow trailers such as these. European pick up trucks, such as the Nissan Navara, really aren't up to the job.

Fifth wheels are difficult to tow. It's not necessary to go to the expense of buying a suitable pick up truck to use for only a few weeks a year, or if you choose to use it all year round, suffering high fuel and running costs and try parking an 2.4m wide, 6.25m long truck in the office or supermarket car park!  Additionally, the larger 5th wheels need a C+E licence (Class 1 HGV). There are many people who find towing a small 5th wheel a daunting prospect, let alone a 12m long, 7 tonne one in mainland Europe on the 'wrong' side of the road. Don't let this stop you from enjoying the benefits of owning a large, luxury American 5th wheel caravan anywhere in Europe.

Monster Moovers have many thousands of miles under our belt delivering 5th wheels all over Europe, we can take the hassle out of towing your 5th wheel and you can relax and enjoy your trailer, anywhere you want to, when you want to.

There are other companies offering a 5th wheel delivery service but none have the credentials, experience and reputation of Monster Moovers.

To join the growing number of satisfied customers who trust Monster Moovers to transport their 5th wheel trailers, for further information or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch. Details on the contact page.

5th wheel arriving at a site in France

5th wheel delivery in France
and delivered to it's pitch for the summer

Friday 11 July 2014

5th wheel transport to France and Spain

Monster Moovers, the number one 5th wheel delivery, transport and towing service in Europe, collected a large tri-axle 5th wheel caravan last week from the UK, to be delivered to a campsite near Limoges in France.

The owners had imported the trailer from the States and it was in for some work to be done, converting the electrics etc. We went to collect the fifth wheel on Friday. It was hitched up, number plate fixed, lights checked and finally the brakes.... I slid the manual control on the F350's integrated brake controller and alas, nothing!

A couple of hours checking wiring and it became apparent it needed a bit more of an investigation and was going nowhere that day. A bit of a pain, the ferry was booked etc. I left it with them, and we agreed provisionally, to collect it Monday. Fortunately it was ready on Saturday afternoon and they kindly opened up on Sunday morning, so we were off.

The mighty F350 with it's 325 bhp and 570 lb-ft or torque made light work of towing the 6 tonne 5th wheel and on Monday, it was delivered to it's new pitch, much to the delight of the owners.

5th wheel trailer delivery to France

5th wheel delivery to France

fifth wheel transport to France

Towing a 5th wheel to France

5th wheel transport, UK, France, Spain

5th wheel in France

Delivering a 5th wheel to France

5th wheel caravan delivered to France

For further information, or to request a quotation, please contact us. Details on the contact page. With our proven experience, why trust anyone else with your 5th wheel. We operate a dedicated towing service for caravans, 5th wheels, American travel trailers, boats and prestige cars.

Saturday 5 July 2014

Towing 5th wheels - brakes

Monster Moovers are in the UK, to collect a 5th wheel for delivery to France. We went to collect the trailer yesterday morning and upon plugging the electrics in, the integrated brake controller indicated a fault with the brakes. Oh joy....

Jointly with tyres, the brakes are top priority for us. I have known people tow 5th wheels with no brakes, comments such as "it's ok if you take your time" and "using a mini artic is ok as they are designed for stopping heavier trailers" etc etc come forth.

Well it's not ok! In an emergency braking situation, an unbraked trailer will, every single time, try to overtake the tow vehicle, more often than not, with disastrous consequences! This happened to someone I know.

5th wheel transport no brakes
5th wheel towed without brakes

Monster Moovers will NEVER take a risk towing your 5th wheel caravan. If we arrive to tow your 5th wheel, we make sure it is safe. If not, it will be put right, at additional cost but still a lot cheaper than buying a new trailer!!

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Caring for the tyres on your 5th wheel

A lot of 5th wheels tend to sit around for long periods of time and one area that is seriously overlooked and not cared for are the tyres. Although a lot of owners view 5th wheels and American caravans as a kind of 'mobile home', by their very nature, they are designed to be towed and moved around.

We see a lot of 5th wheels in Spain, sat on pitches for years at a time with flat tyres that are uncovered and baking in the hot sun day after day. One day these will undoubtedly need to be moved.

It is very important that 5th wheel owners check their tyre pressures regularly and keep the tyres covered and protected from the elements. The results of a blow out while towing could be catastrophic, resulting maybe, with the trailer turning over. At best, the failed tyre will cause damage to the trailer as it sheds it's tread.

We always check the tyres before we tow any 5th wheel but even this isn't guaranteed. We towed a 5th wheel the other day, that appeared to have decent tyres on it but it was the valves that were faulty. It had been on a site in Spain for four years and where the valves came through the rim, they had perished, to a point that one failed whilst being towed.

An important point to note, is that the insurance doesn't cover tyre failure. The onus lies firmly with the owner to ensure the tyres are in good condition!

Check them regularly, keep them covered and if in doubt or if there are any signs of damage, perished sidewalls etc, get them changed before the 5th wheel is towed.

5th wheel tyre blow out