Wednesday 22 October 2014

Travel trailer pitch move

Not one of our longest jobs.... about 100 metres... We moved a travel trailer from the previous owners pitch to the new owners pitch.

Towing or moving any travel trailer or 5th wheel, whether it's 100 metres or 2000 miles, the principle is the same and usually the most awkward part of the journey is getting them on and off pitches. Even though there are quite a few sites now with bigger pitches, they seem to have overlooked the access getting round the sites to these pitches and actually manouevring space to get them onto the pitches and the longer the trailers are, it follows that the challenge increases in relation to the length.

American caravan towing
No number plates or reflector boards required for a pitch move

Friday 17 October 2014

2012 Cougar 5th wheel delivered

We were asked to deliver another 5th wheel to a Costa Blanca campsite. This one was a new 2012 Cougar.

The access to the pitch it was going on was very tight and we had to do a lap of the site, against the one way system (which was also very tight), to get the approach entrance needed. It's a good job not all the corner pitches were occupied as we had to use a portion of them to negotiate the turns. The Cougar measures up at 9.5 metres in length. If it had been any longer, it really would have been a struggle. As always, the job was done and it's now sat happily on it's new pitch, which will be 'home' for quite some time.

5th wheel transport and delivery, UK, France, Spain, Portugal
Refuelling stop

Tuesday 14 October 2014

5th wheel towed from France to Spain

We were back in France again, to collect a large 5th wheel and tow it to the Alicante area of Spain. Another uneventful trip, which is how we like them! A round trip of 1500 miles (2400km)

The mighty F350 performed awesomely, towing the 7000kg trailer over the Pyrenees without even slowing down. The trip took us from Limoges, via Bordeaux, into Northern Spain, San Sebastian, Pamplona, Zaragoza, Valencia and finally Alicante. There are very few tolls in Spain on this route, three small ones, which are actually cheaper for dual rear wheel vehicles, than for cars. Two at €1.25 and the last at €2.95. Not bad for a 16m combination, weighing in a 12 tonnes. The final toll takes you into Zaragoza but can be avoided by using roads, which incidentally are town and traffic free and mostly dead straight for miles...

F350 and 5th wheel in the Pyrenees
F350 and 5th wheel in the clouds in the Pyrenees

F350 and 5th wheel in the Pyrenees

F350 and 5th wheel France / Spain

Sunday 12 October 2014

Keystone VR1, travel trailer towing and delivery

As well as the the longer jobs, we carry out a fair bit of on site towing and for 5th wheels and travel trailers. 5th wheels in and out of storage facilities, pitch changes, campsite moves etc. Contact us if you need or want your 5th wheel or travel trailer moving locally on the Costa Blanca.

Moving a VR1 travel trailer at Marjal Campsite
Moving a Keystone VR1 travel trailer at Marjal campsite

Sunday 5 October 2014

Another 5th wheel caravan delivered to Almafra

This is the second time this week that we have been asked to transport a 5th wheel caravan to Almafra site, near Benidorm. The 5th wheel in question was a 290 Cougar. These are a good trailer to tow as they are not too big, at 31ft long and can be squeezed into tight spots.

As the V10 truck is now sold, we used the 6.0 PSD F350 dually which makes effortless work of towing 5th wheel caravans.

5th wheel towing transport and delivery, UK - Spain
Arriving at Almafra site with the 5th wheel cougar

5th wheel towing transport and delivery, UK - Spain
Ready to go onto the pitch

5th wheel towing transport and delivery, UK - Spain
F350 delivering a Cougar 5th wheel caravan to Spain