Towing Services

Caravan, 5th Wheel, car and trailer towing service

Monster Moovers provide a dedicated transport and delivery service specialising in American 5th wheels, travel trailers, caravans, boats on trailers, cars on trailers (we have our own car trailers) in fact anything towable.... 

We delivery literally hundreds of caravans, 5th wheels and trailers every year covering thousands of kilometres and have a large and continually growing list of very happy customers, as can been seen on our testimonials page on this site and our Google and Facebook reviews.

Our F350 'Dually',  is a 6.0L V8 diesel, equipped with a 5th wheel hitch and US and EU tow balls, can pull trailers (bumper tow) up to 6800kg (15000 lbs) and 5th wheels up to 7200kg (15840 lbs) 


And when the vehicle being transported is too big even for our F350, we use a low loader to get the job done.

Motorhome delivery, collection and transport services

We can also deliver (drive) your motorhome to any location in Europe. For further information

Based on Spain's sunny Costa Blanca, we deliver to all EU countries and the main destinations are UK, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Holland (Netherlands), Portugal and of course, Spain.

More information on our specialised 5th wheel transport and delivery service: 5th wheel transport and delivery 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require further information, a quotation or have any other queries.


Tel / WhatsApp (+34) 641 670035

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